SHE Spotlight: Christian Playwright Courtney Houston

A young playwright is using her gift to bring awareness to domestic violence . Courtney Houston is set to make her debut this weekend with her gospel play, I’m Good To A No Good Man. SHE sat down with Courtney to talk about what inspired her to write the play and the message she hopes to get across to women.


SHE: How did you first decide to work on I’m Good To A No Good Man?

COURTNEY: I was speaking with a friend about relationships and she was telling me about her current situation with her significant other. As she was telling me her story, I was so shocked and appalled  of the things he did to her and in the relationship.

SHE: What was your inspiration?  

C: For this play, women are my inspiration. I understand the desire women have to be in that “ fairy tale” relationship. Women sometimes accept anything just to have that relationship title.  We all have been a victim to our own desires that we overlook red flags in the person we are interested in. Unfortunately, I can relate to this act but, gratefully I have learned from it.  I want to reach out to other women and let them know that if you just wait and trust in GOD, He will put you in the right arms of that significant other better than you can.

SHE: Do you have a playwriting background?

C: For public appearance I had the opportunity to write a skit for 106.7 radio for their event Women In Color.  There are many unseen things I written such as poems and a play for an inspiring singer called “ Junior” that I have also done.

SHE: What types of issues are confronted in the play?

C: The number one issue that is displayed is infidelity and domestic violence towards a woman who loves a man but doesn’t know what to do. What is confronted in the play is not the fact that there is domestic violence towards the woman but how she chose the LORD and the church as an outlet to help her get the strength back that she once had before she met her significant other. I see too many times women who are in similar situations who seek everyone and everything for help and advice but GOD.  The point of the play is to encourage women to get back in trusting the Lord or try GOD for the first time with any situation they may have.

SHE: What’s been the biggest surprise along the way?

C: The biggest surprise has been how women have responded and related to just the title of the play. It’s amazing.

SHE: There are a lot of faith-based plays out there. What sets this play apart?

C: Even though this play is centered on having faith and going to GOD like most gospel plays, my play is actually based on a person’s life.  The events in the play are based off situations that actually happened in their relationship and it will be displayed on a live stage.

SHE:What do you hope the audience will consider or think about as they watch the play?

C: I definitely hope that they will love the play and understand the message behind it. Also to know that the encouraging message isn’t to just help battered women but to also find inspiration with their own situations.


I’m Good To A No Good Man
Farrell High School Auditorium
Farrell, PA 16121
Saturday, July 25, 2015
$12.00 per ticket
$15.00 at the door

By Reva Forrest